Indulge in Prolonged Sex with your Beloved with Sex Toys

A sex toy is a device that is mainly used to smoother the progress of human sexual pleasure, for example, vibrator or dildo. A number of sex toys are created in such a manner that they bear a resemblance to human genitals. The words “sex toy” can also incorporate “BDSM” apparatus sex furniture, for instance, slings. But, it is not applied to birth control, condoms, or pornography.

Both Vibrating and non-vibrating sex toys

Alternative expressions incorporate Adult Toy and the dated euphemism Martial Aid; although the latter (martial ad) is used in a broader sense and is applicable to herbs and drugs marketed with a view to enhancing sexual desire in men so that he can engage himself in a prolonged sexual activity. Again, sex toys may be vibrating or non-vibrating.

One should remember that sex toys are generally sold at a certain shop that is associated with buying and selling of items related to sexual pleasure. The shop can be referred to as the “Sex Shop.” But, it is not that one should get sex toys only in these types of shops. You can also find these items in a pharmacy or in a chemist store.

Again, you can also purchase sex toys from a head shop or from a specific DVD Store. The store is specific in the sense as it is a Pornographic DVD Store.

Nowadays, sex toys that are the latest trendy thing are made available in almost all countries throughout the world. These toys are designed not only for the sexual satisfaction of men but also for women. Therefore, ladies need not worry about satisfying their boyfriends and husbands.

Erotic electrostimulation

Erotic electrostimulation is the act of the usage of electricity intended for sexual encouragement. Electrostimulation probably began in the middle of the 1700s.

During or around the middle of the 1970s, medicinal Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (abbreviated as TENS) machines were accessible on an extensive level. The machines regulated their work by exciting nerve endings with electricity thus sending stimulating signals to the brain.

Electro Stimulation activates its work by employing a similar principle. It initiates its work when the brain receives a signal relating to stimulation from the genitals as well as hormones associated with pleasure are on the loose.

Erotic furniture

Erotic furniture is specially designed for getting indulged in the pleasure of comfort, stimulation, and levels concerned with penetration. It is also regarded as Sex furniture and can be actually labeled as a form of Sex Toy. Sex furniture is a perfect aid related to sex toys in instigating sexual activities.

In order to be in a perfect and regular sexual relationship, the most common furniture that is used to instigate sexual desires is the bed. Again, sofas as well as couches come second on the list after bed where couples can display prolonged sex. But, these furniture items are used for erotic purposes. Actually, these are not originally erotic furniture. To be precise, these items are not designed for erotic sexual activities.

The furniture items, which are specially designed for the erotic performance of couples, are:

  1. Devices designed for spanking as well as flagellation, for instance, Berkley Horse
  2. Sex Swings
  3. Sex Gliders
  4. Devices where gravity is utilized to serve as an aid in love making excluding the use of slings that are complicated.
  5. Fisting Slings
  6. Different types of angled “foam wedges” or pillows that are designed specially to support various sex positions. For instance, Liberator Shapes or Love bumpers.

General toys those are penetrative

  1. Ben WA Balls are metal balls which are hollow and are vaginally inserted. You can wear them inside the vagina for comprehensive periods. The interior rolling is argued to enhance orgasms.
  2. Love Balls or solid balls of metal placed in vaginally before sex. The weight plus agitation by dido or penis boost sensation.
  3. Dildo made of rubber is a device that doesn’t vibrate used for the purpose of sexual instigation associated with anus or vagina.
  4. A dildo meant for double penetration is flexibly designed carefully with both ends for the purpose of penetration (mutual penetration).
  5. A strap-on dildo is worn in harness for penetrating a different person with whom sex is performed
  6. Horseshoe is a non-vibrating toy with a shape akin to a horseshoe that is put into anus and vagina
  7. Kegel Exerciser or vaginal barbells, jugglers, or eggs are designed for improving muscle tone concerned with pelvic floor and can be pleasurable for sex.
  8. Sex- Machine is a device driven by motor combining penetration and reciprocal or rotational movement (or both).

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Anal Toys

  1. Anal beads
  2. Butt plugs
  3. Prostate massagers

Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are usually made from borosilicate glass. This toughened glass which assures perfect safety is non-toxic and is accustomed to withstanding severe temperatures with physical shock as well with no compromise of integrity associated with its structure.

Several glass toys vibrate and can be achieved in 2 ways:

  1. Either the toy contains a hole where the vibrator can be put into
  2. The core of the design associated with the glass can be modified from a pattern vibrator


Vibrators are of different sizes with varied shapes and are meant for both internal and external use. These are motor-powered electric devices intended to instigate the body through stimulating a lively buzzing awareness.

Vibrators that are used for internal purpose shape like phallic. Some have a flexible loop attachment that can be used as a cock ring or finger toy. Those which are penetrative measures 12 to 18 cm (in length) and 2-5 cm wide often mimicking the average size of a person’s penis.

  1. Anal Vibrators
  2. G-Spot Vibrators
  3. Rabbit Vibrator
  4. Sybians

Truly, it is impossible to write in detail about all kinds of sex toys. Beside vibrators, there are Nipple Toys and Penile toys

Remember, prior to the usage of the sex toy, its owner must take precautions and it is mandatory for any couple. Visit the Wikipedia of sex toy to know more.

Why Men Sex Toys Are A Taboo Topic In Todays Society?

Once women who used sex toys are considered to be lonesome and sexually barred objects in society. But nowadays, it is bourgeois that a woman keeping a cupboard full of self-pleasurable toys for her needs. Even girls who use sex toys for daily purposes are disgusted when they are asked about the thought of men using a sex toy.

These days a woman can happily mention her friend about the use of sex toy, which they both cherish and can talk about. As a male, you will be laughed at if you mention your colleagues about sex toy and self-pleasuring propaganda. Every one of them will acknowledge you as a man with a disability, which leads to lowering down your self-esteem and slowly depresses you. 

As a male is considered to the Alpha of the society who can fulfill its need in any way means. Thus he can never be proved to be a sexual deviant in the circle. Being a man you are compelled by the society that you cannot be weak, you should be able to satisfy yourself as well as your partner. You would be constantly pressurized by your family and the society to be an “Alpha”.

Shapes and sizes of the toys  

It is an initial fact that the shape and size of male sex toys is itself a laughable product. As some of the male sex toys come in the shape of a doll, which is being inflated for usage, some come in bottle shape for pleasuring yourself. The society considers you to be a person who is sexually crippled and leaves the sign of misconstruing that will shatter your morale. 

But these days’ male sex toys come in very handy shapes and sizes, which are renovated from the older ones. According to the stats in the market, it has been found out that after a few renovations, the Fleshlight is the most used and recommended sex toy preferred by men. These toys now come in a dynamic range of innovative accessories. They are guaranteed to give you the utmost pleasure and to enhance your experience.  

But still nowadays in society, the use of sex toy by men is considered taboo as it depicts the weakness of the male. Being in the modern world, some of them still carry down the age-old mentality, which in turn is spread out in the community.


Mentality being one of the most important reasons for this backwardness in our neighboring, for which we still could not surpass the thought and still consider it horrifying. From the past era, it is being carried down that a male in the society should be capable of fulfilling all his needs, proven weak or disabled to do so, he is considered as an unwanted object in the society, cursed by everyone around.

 In a recent study, it has been seen that over 4000 in a sex toy debate agrees in buying and recommending sex toy for themselves and others. Some states are as following:

  • About 52 percent of men own sex toys for self-pleasuring. Within which about 25 percent of the men use Fleshlight to augment their experience. Some use prostate massagers, stamina rings and penis pumps.
  • More than 75 percent of men consider male sex toys for their solo use and would not use them with their partners. 21 percent of them said they would like to use it, but with their partner’s concern. 
  • 68 percent of the men gave their concern about buying it, but they should not be embarrassed in front of others. They asked for better security and safety in the time of buying the sex toy.
  • Only a meager 44 percent of women put their concern on allowing their partners to use a sex toy that would make them happy.
  • A whopping 62 percent of men agreed on using sex toys for their partner’s excitement and loved the experience.
  • Less than 3 percent of the men said that they had a weird experience.

Yet these stat shows that most of the men would love to or like to experience sex toys, but the market proceedings depict a reversed statement. This is only because of the backwardness in the mentality of the surroundings, which debars most of the men from using it.

Cause of Remorse

Most of the men think that confronting their partner about the use of male sex toys is a humiliation for himself. You involve yourself deep in this thought to such an extent that there is no way to the left to revive yourself. Stats show that women are more likely to take this as a mode of excitement rather than turning their heads around. 

It must be remembered from both sides that there are many benefits to having an orgasm. This helps to maintain the balance of happiness and satisfaction in the genders and leads to an anxiety-free life ahead. Unsatisfied partners are more likely to get separate than satisfied ones. 

Signs of weakness 

In our society, if a man is suspected of using a sex toy to satisfy him, he is shown as a role model of weakness. He is considered as the weakest of the community, who cannot lead a decent life, which means that he is out to cast from society. People close to him start maintaining a safe distance so that they too are not considered weak. Great way to start is to start exploring the internet and check what is popular like here male masturbation toys list to follow and realize that other men are looking for the same thing.

This pressurizes the morale of the men and hence they are considered taboo in society. A sex toy is not only for the men with ED or any other backdrops; it is made to satisfy oneself. Not every man who likes to use or uses male sex toys is suffering from sexual deficiencies. 

Each one of us has the right to lead the life in our way. It has been proved and tested that by many Medical Schools and then brought in the market for its use. Many medical, as well as physical tests, had been done before marketing, thus there is very little chance of having a side effect.

New Line of Products 2019

Sex Toys for Men Becoming Trendy

The use of sex toys over the last few years increased significantly, thanks to the easy availability of the product. The use of sex toys often gets frowned upon by society in spite of all the progress it made in the last decade.

The benefits of using sex toys far outweigh the shame associated with it in our community. The sex toy industry in the initial days focused more on women and less on men; however, in recent days, things changed a bit. The market for sex toys for men has drastically improved with the likes of vibrating rings getting easier to access.

The medicinal benefits associated with the use of sex toys are quite significant, and we as a society cannot turn our heads from it. Many men find it hard to perform properly in bed, which often wrecks their happy relation. Now, with the sex toys for men, he can improve on his skills to have a better climax in bed.

The scientifically designed toys:

Sex toys for both men and women get designed in a scientific manner, which gives the toy to hit at the perfect spot. The task of stimulating both mind and body at the same time can never be in this current stressful environment; sex toys can do that by hitting on the perfect spot and release a lot of stress and tension.

Incorporating sex toys for men in a relationship will break the monotony in bed. Couples who love experimenting on the bed can easily go for toys such as vibrators, paddles, whips, and many more.

The material used in making:

The materials used in making such gadgets have improved massively over the last few years. The use of surgically approved silicon has become a trend these days. The price at which the dealers offer is well within reach of a common man, making it more popular in the market.

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