Pleasure Intensified

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Anal Beads - Fifty Shades of Grey
ANAL BEADS Smooth, silicone anal beads to stimulate one of your most sensitive spots for intensely pleasurable results. Starting small and increasing gradually in size, apply plenty of water-based anal lubricant to the beads and yourself before inserting the length slowly and gently. Pull them ou...

Please, Sir

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Flogger - Fifty Shades of Grey
FLOGGER Tickle, tease and torment your partner with dozens of suede fronds for your pleasure - and pain enjoyment. Offering a satisfying sting or a light lick to the skin with the slightest hint of pain, the flogger is the perfect accessory for gentle play in the most intimate of areas. Key featu...

Something Forbidden

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Butt Plug - Fifty Shades of Grey
BUTT PLUG Made from smooth silicone with a firm-yet flexible form, the butt plug is shaped for sensational stimulation of one of your most sensitive spots. Perfectly contoured for easy insertion with a curved tip and graduating to a curved body for more-than-fulfilling satisfaction. Team with ple...

Drive Me Crazy

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Glass Massage Wand
Glass Massage Wand Perfect for sensory exploration, offering a firmness that’s both unique and satisfying for internal and external massage. Using the sleek shape and sensual curves, effortlessly glide your glass massage wand over tired muscles, enjoy an intimate massage or experiment with temper...